Stories Of A Different Kind  9X10 Softcover Book

New Found Glory      

Stories Of A Different Kind 9X10 Softcover Book

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When New Found Glory first started a simple, messy, photocopied piece of paper was the way in which we would tell people about our local shows. Never could we have imagined that such a simple lost concept would now serve as the visual spark to reignite a lost memory. Stories Of A Different Kind is a storybook, but not a beginning to end narrative. It’s a visual journey through a time period that pre-dates social media and blogs: a time that newer fans might not know had existed and older fans can look back on and reminisce. This could be our biggest accomplishment as a band to date and we are very excited to share it with everyone. You’re just as big of the reason why it exists as we are.

Pages: 128 Pages (plus cover)

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